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How It Works


SNEAKERTUB is the world's first and only Sneaker subscription service delivering curated packages of awesome sneakers from Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Saucony Originals, Puma, Palladium Boots, Ransom Holding Company and more. 

The package also includes sneaker laces, socks, cleaning solutions, hats, clothing and many sneaker related items on a monthly basis from brands like Mitchell & Ness, Vitaly, 47 Brand, Staple, Stance socks, Alpha Industries, Kuwalla etc. 

Sign up for SNEAKERTUB PREMIUM, SNEAKERTUB ORIGINAL for only CDN$86.99  or SNEAKERTUB ELITE CDN$159.99 (Free shipping) and wait for EPIC SNEAKER AWESOMENESS to arrive at your door.  

+ Value of sneakers included in SNEAKERTUB ORIGINAL  is between $80 to $120 USD.

+ Retail value of items included in a  SNEAKERTUB ORIGINAL package is between $140 - $170 (including the value of sneakers)

+ Value of sneakers included in SNEAKERTUB ELITE  is between $90 to $150 USD per pair.

+ Total Retail value of items included in a SNEAKERTUB ELITE package is between $250 - $320 (including the value of sneakers)


Important Shipping Info

All first time packages ship within 14 days of placing the order (Subject to size availability). From the 2nd month we follow a monthly shipping cycle, which charges your account on the 01st of the month and will be shipped every 4th week of the month. We use USPS 2-3 day priority for shipping. 

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What's in the box - SNEAKERTUB ORIGINAL

Pair of Sneakers + 2-3 Sneaker Accessories - $76.99 (Free Shipping)


2 Pairs of Sneakers + 3 Premium Accessories - $159.99 (Free Shipping)